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Founded by Alan and Deb Hirsch and Michael Frost, Forge cultivates missional community around the world by identifying, developing, and training missional leaders, teams and practitioners.

Forge trains ordinary people to become missional and thrive in whatever
context to which one is called. This may be in pioneering new things, church
planting, working in and through an already existing church, or serving in
a local community, professional or relational network.


Through a 9-12 month programme involving missional training, practice led
coaching, personal development, the forming of a supportive learning
community, and networking events, Forge is operating in missional centres
across England and Wales to help birth and nurture the missional church.

Forge champions and connects missional pioneers through a wide and
varied network that brings together innovative leaders, missional agencies,
churches, and a number of major denominations. The Forge network is led by active missional practitioners who are able to offer significant experiential training in pioneering contexts.


Forge global is playing a vital role in the birthing and nurturing of
missional leaders, teams and practitioners in England and Wales.


We hope you will be a part of this growing community!



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